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Beautiful Bangkok Mistress



Deon mistress training
Arranging a Session

Session times and days are flexible, however prior booking is essential. Make booking more than 24 hours in advance. Some special sessions will require a deposit to be paid in advance.

My phone number is *only* to be used for confirmation of sessions,not general enquiries or phone domination.

Available for session 9am-9pm everyday.

All booking are to be made by email, for new and returning slaves alike.

Given that all sessions are pre-booked and re-confirmed, lateness will not be tolerated. In instances where a slave arrives late the session will be charged as if it had begun on time. The session will also end as scheduled. In extreme cases, when the slave is more than half an hour late the session may be cancelled without further explanation.

Do not drink alcohol before session..Non financial slaves are NOT WELCOME to contact Me.Sex is out of  the question.

I now have a shiny new place with the red room for pain,stretching and general discipline;and medical wing for healing(and other kinds of pain).

The new dungeon is not far from Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is in a spot that is convenient for both international visitors, and also very easy for slaves travelling from in town.

Precise details of how to get to the dungeon will be supplied when a session is confirmed.

All appointments require a phone call as confirmation. Please state your fantasies clearly. Would-be slaves who don't understand this are wasting their time and mine. We won't be playing.


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