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Beautiful Bangkok Mistress  


Update 7Feb2018

There's no such thing as a gentle caning

Update 20/09/2017

Don't you think I look sweet? If you want to worship,you'll have to pay the price.

update 10/05/2017
update 8/11/2016
update 17/5/2016
update 8/1/2016
Don't bore me. Don't lie to me. Don't pretend to be something other than what you are. Punishment will be severe.
update 8/1/2016
Collared, cowering, crawling. Be my dog!
update 8/1/2016
Thirsty? Drink it all up, like I tell you.

Are you ready for Mistress Lorita to lock up your dick?

Ready for me to hold the key?

And for me to decide when you will next cum?


You can smell the leather over your own excitement. Hear it creak as Mistress Lorita struts around her dungeon
The dark sheen of her boots, corset and gloves makes a stunning contrast with her smooth dusky skin. Her long hair sweeps down hiding and at the same time framing her beautiful face. No wonder she is considered a goddess by some. Crawl closer and hope to get a taste of the leather. More likely you will get a taste of her whip, its leather strands as wicked as its owner is powerful.

Luxury lady? Rubber doll? Unflinching sadist? Fetish dream? I'm all of those... and 100% woman as well.
If I catch you looking at my ass, you will be punished
I've never been shy about caning. In fact, it is one my favourite activities. And when the slave begins to doubt that he can take any more, that's when I enjoy it most.
Sure, I like the symbolism of handcuffs. They have no other meaning; only punishment, humiliation and being locked up under the control of a superior authority. And I get a big power rush when a slave puts the cuffs on himself. Then I know he is truly at my mercy.
Lick my ass! In your dreams, slave.

Size 36.5 feet, six inch metal heels. I can do a lot of damage. So don't fuck up.

After I've caned you properly, your backside will be as black and shiny as my latex outfit.
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