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Beautiful Bangkok Mistress

In Bangkok, City of Angels, lives the beautiful Thai Goddess Lorita. Men travel from the four corners of the earth to discover what their heart and soul know can enslave them and set them free at the same time. Few women know the secret of men’s desire to submit, and fewer still can make that desire a reality.

This Goddess is capable of unlocking the passion and submission that lies within your heart. When you please Me you will see My beautiful smile. Your desire to make Me happy will take you to the place you always dreamed of. Your wish to worship My voluptuous body will release you and leave you begging for your fantasy to come true. I can make that happen – if you really beg.

I am only interested in using your pain to give Me pleasure. Only I can give you what you really desire.Your happiness will come from the pain that you know you need. Open up to Me completely and share your fantasies, dreams, hopes and desires with me. Let Me into your mind.

When you share your dreams with Me I listen carefully and understand your hopes and fears. I will take you as my slave to the place you long for most, but I always respect the limits which you set ahead of our time together.

I do not offer services that are illegal. No sexual intercourse.I am only interested in your submission. I am a Goddess to the men who worship Me and I expect you to be courteous and respectful at all times. I have no patience with time-wasters!

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