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Beautiful Bangkok Mistress



Deon mistress training
Sessions are charged by the hour not by activity and for one slave only. If the third party such as a slave girl or observer are be involved there will be an additional cost.
To involve an additional slave girl ,require at least 24 hrs notice.

Payment will be required at the beginning of the session. Cash only, unless paying in advance by credit card.

The session will also end as scheduled. In extreme cases, when the slave is more than half an hour late the session may be cancelled without further explanation.
Because of the high number of no-shows and late cancellations, especially among first time visitors, I may require a non-refundable deposit of THB2,000 to be paid two days in advance. (No deposit = insincere time-waster = no session).
Payment of the balance of the session fee (i.e agreed tribute minus THB2,000) will then be required at the *beginning* of the session.


1 hour 4000 baht
2 hours 6000 baht
3 hours 8000 baht
4 hours 10000 baht
6 hours 15000 baht
Singapore Price
1 hour 250 SG
2 hours 450 SG