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Beautiful Bangkok Mistress


I had never planned to have a dog slave. But now that I have one, I find the possibilities give me simply endless fun.

One of my regular slaves, a large western man, arrived at my door late at night, blind drunk and lost.

I let him in, stripped him off and locked him into the cage in my dungeon.

When I went through his clothes the next morning, I found aflyer in his pockets for a girlie bar show. The kind where women shoot pingpong balls and razor blades from their vaginas. Ugh. Disgusting. I hate how those performances turn women into circus acts.

When he finally woke up I confronted him with the evidence of his shameful behaviour and said that if he behaved like a dog he should be treated like one.

For the rest of the day, while he came to terms with his massive hangover, he would not be allowed to speak – only to bark like a dog. And if he needed the toilet, he could scratch at the door until I let him crawl out into the back yard. There he could pee by lifting up his back leg.

To my surprise he went along with my humiliating treatment without complaint. And at night I locked him back into the cage.

He left the next day, but came back regularly thereafter.

Over the following weeks, I put a collar and tags on him and kept up the dog training.

Soon he was taking all his meals from a dog bowl alongside myother canines. The rest of the time he was muzzled or tightly gagged.

If he was disobedient, I would use my handy little dog whip. And sometimes I’ve made him wear a dildo dog tail.

After he became a permanent feature of my establishment, I put the slave dog onto a strict physical training regime. Making him becomeleaner and stronger, I began to see some real advantages.

For a start, other mistresses were jealous of my hunky muscular beast and his loyalty to me, his owner and mistress, Lorita.

I swapped the leather collar for a choke chain and occasionally allowed myself use of his doggy tongue.

Deciding to keep on the slave as a hound sometimes gives me the excuse to put on a rubber uniform and play the veterinary nurse. I’ve given him injections and tattooed him – though I decided that putting a microchip under his skin would not be helpful.

Of course, I’ve had to keep my dog’s natural instincts under control. This I’ve mostly done by tightly tying up his cock and balls, or by locking him back in the cage when other slaves were around.

Nevertheless, I find the idea of him being hired out to mate with some of the other mistresses’ bitch slaves quite appealing.

He’ll have to behave himself before that happens, of course.

-- Mistress Lorita, the cat who got the cream

He looked at the woman’s boots. Short, shiny and pointed.

He remembered cumming on a pair just like them, many years earlier with a professional dominatrix.

Of course, the domina had insisted that he lick up all of his mess.

What were the chances of that happening again today, he wondered to himself.

Not high. The relationship with this lady was less painful, but no less difficult.

He had been locked up by her in chastity devices several times during the past six months.

They usually met in anonymous public places like the toilets in the park, or the café with a back room.

Each time they met, she would have most of her face covered. Once by a scarf. Another time by a medical mask, as if she had a cold.

The only thing he knew was her name, Lorita.

Lorita would lock him into the metal or plastic device and jiggle the key at him, wink and leave him.

Each time she told him that she’d call him in a few days, to set a time and place of her choosing, and let him out.

She was as good as her word. Only sometimes ‘a few days’meant three or four days, sometimes a week. One time it meant ten days.

What made matters worse was that there was no way of contacting her. Lorita withheld her phone number and made sure to meet in places that did not belong to her. And because of that damned mask, and the wigs he was convinced she wore, he knew he’d never even recognise her in the street.

This time he’d been locked up for 12 days when she called.

He had become frustrated and irritable by then. But Lorita seemed not to notice. She told him that she hoped he was fine, but that he’d have to wait another week as she was at the airport and going for a holiday in the sun. Not to worry, she had his key safely with her.

Some 14 days later she’d called back and suggested today’s meeting in a sleazy hotel, of the kind that is hired out by the hour.

After nearly a month he had almost got used to being locked up in chastity. But Lorita’s call immediately reignited his sex drive and his dick was suddenly straining against the cage.

Lorita had arrived in the room first and, when he got there, she was stretched out over the coffee table, wearing a cat-suit, those boots and a black mask, like Catwoman.

He was dazzled by what he saw. Transfixed.

“Cat got your tongue?” Lorita giggled. She answered the question herself. “No, but I have got your key.”

He peered as she unzipped the front of her rubber suit to reveal a small key between her breasts. He was panting like a dog now.

“You’ve given me a lot of power. You like that? You trust me?”

He started to speak, but she cut him off by inserting a huge red ball gag into his mouth and fixing it off tightly.

“I like being the woman who has the power to decide what comes out of you and when.”

“And I love that you don’t even know who I am. I’m a mystery to you.”

“Just think of me as your key holder.”

“You want me to go on being your key holder, right?”

He nodded quietly. Thoughts of jumping on to her crossed his mind, but then he remembered she still had not yet unlocked him.

She read his thoughts and tied his wrists behind his back with thick red cord.

“You like that I’m cruel and inconsistent, like a woman?”

It was true, his inability to predict her decisions made Lorita’s control over his sexuality all the more exciting.

He nodded.

“Good. Then I think another month is in order.”

He tried to gasp and shout, but because of the gag, the sounds came out all muffled.

“No need to get angry. You know that you asked me to be a cruel bitch who denies you things. You should really thank me for fulfilling your fantasy.”

“Perhaps you’ll think of a way to thank me properly next time we meet. I’ll decide when that will be.”


“I’m waiting,” she said bluntly.

The slave was on his hands and knees in front of Mistress Lorita.

His body swayed and trembled slightly.

Her feet were dangling right in front of his face. He loved those feet.

He loved them naked, in stockings or even in slippers.

Today they were hanging there in shiny black pump shoes with heels that were so high and sharp they were simply impossible to imagine. But they were real.

And the slave ached to lick and kiss them and to caress Lorita’s pretty feet within them.

But his Mistress was not allowing him that privilege.

She expected more of him.

The slave had already been stretched out and whipped with the rubber-stranded flogger. He had also been fixed over a bench so that she could lash him with her belt. And he had been forced backwards with his cock and balls tied up and pointing prominently so that she could slash at his most vulnerable parts with her little ‘pussy whip.’

The skin of his back was still hot. His backside bore red traces and his cock and balls had angry purple stripes.

She knew she had hurt him.

But he knew she wanted more.

Lorita clicked the side of her shoe with a long thick cane and idly examined her freshly painted finger nails. Gold today. Maybe black tomorrow if this slave doesn’t hurry up and give me what I want.

It was only going to be a matter of time.

The more he stared at Mistress’s legs and her fantasy footwear, the more he wanted to get down and worship her.

But he knew that the price he would have to pay would be a caning.

It was too much.

The slave knew how much his Mistress enjoyed caning. And he also knew how she enjoyed caning forcefully. Without mercy.

He swayed some more as he imagined the pain.

Lorita said nothing. But her body language was not looking friendly.

Thirty seconds more went by in painful silence.

Then another thirty seconds.

Then another.

He took one more look at her undercarriage and weakened.

“Alright, cane me.”


“Please cane me, Mistress.”

Lorita turned her head and stared at him, with a flash of anger in her eyes.

“I’m begging you. Please cane me Mistress.”

“That’s not very convincing. You keep me waiting all this time, and that’s how you ask me for something. I thought I had trained you better than that.”

She turned back to her nails and tapped the cane against her metal heels without looking.

“I beg you, Mistress. I need to be beaten. Please cane me 100 times.”

She looked him in the eyes and said nothing.

“Hard. And without stopping, please. Cane me Mistress, I beg you.”

She drew him up and fixed chains to his wrist and ankle cuffs, stretching him out and pulling his head
hard against the wall.

A couple of practice strokes of the cane tore the air with terrifying screeches.

“Thank you, slave. I was only planning to hit you 50 times. So this is twice as nice. And if you can keep yourself from screaming, maybe I’ll let you near these lovely shoes you bought me.”






It was winter in Europe  and I have got a good news confirmed that i will have a chance to go around Bangkok again. It was not only because I can spent some time abroad and warm mysef but also because I wanted to experience again lesson in Mistress Lorita`s hands.

As soon as I have got confirmation about my flight I contacted her and asked her about possibility to have a lesson and realize my hidden fantasies. Sissy training. I have met her couple of times before and she is the Mistress who fits perfectly to my ideas. Kind and nice at the beginning … but be careful … she knows how to be a real Lady and Mistress.

My preparation at hotel was quick as I did not have much spared time. I just  got from the airport, had a shower and cleaned myself, wore the pantyhose as she ordered and run to the place we have agreed before. We have met in our place; she was smiling and started to talk immediately. She asked me why I do not wear short trousers as usually. Guess why …. Anyway she was insisting on giving her explanation and show me clearly that I did not fulfilled her wish fully.

We moved hundred meters to her car and she told me … I have just got new glass on the car and you cannot see through. As soon as we got inside she ordered me to take off my trousers and wear ink skirt which she gave me, so she can enjoy her sissyslut in the pantyhose … I did quickly …  she was driving and passed me gag and order to fix it where it belongs

„Fix is tightly sissyslut“, she stressed and checked later on. Seems like she was satisfied as she let it so. I regretted later as my mouth really hurt.

At the first crossroad she ordered me to give my hands together and she bound it together, then she pulled the rope behind the front seat and pulled the rope back in front where she fixed it to the hand brake. I was sitting there naked, just in pantyhose bound and gagged. I could see people outside on the street and in other cars but they were not able to see me. Mistress Lorita started to caress me asked me who I am. I was lost in time and space because of so many stimulus, confused for a while but then I have realized.

 „Slut“, I have answered though tough ball gag.

She looked at me and answered:“No, not only slut“.

I was confused more than before. After couple of seconds I have tried again.“Sissyslut“.

“that is correct, and I am going to make full sissy from you and make you serve me”.
She caressed me more. I was not able to follow what is going around. She drived me crazy by playing with my nipples and cock being bound and gagged inside the traffic of big city. If you would ask me to reconstruct the way we were going I would not be able to tell you.

My gag started to hurt in the mouthcorners and she was still enjoying squeezing my nipples. I was not able to do anything as I was bound and fully under her control. Drooling which just made me more humiliated. When your gag is not fixed enough you can manage to swallow but it was not my case.

Later we came to her house, she finally released the rope and ordered me to get the ballgag out and let me u to her dungeon. I knew this place from before but it impressed me again. So many of tools and such an atmosphere was there.

I have asked for permission to go to the toilet and she let me go.
“Did I ordered you to put down your pantyhose?” she asked me when I came back.
“ No”, I have answered.

“No Mistress,” she corrected me and I have worn again my panties on. I wore then carefully again as I really like the feeling of having them on. During that time Mistress prepared leather corset, I have nearly lost my breath when I saw it. Seeing this I have just pulled the pantyhose up as much as possible.

She helped me to get in. We spent couple of good minutes by tightening the corset on my. I really felt like being sissy now.

Following was leather hood, which perfectly embraced my head. There have been only holes for eyes and mouth. The backside of the hood had lacing and Mistress knew how to make it effective.

After this I have got collar. I just remember she tried one and than she decided that she will give me bigger one. I had problems to move my head but you can imagine how much did I liked it. She also fixed the collar to the corset in the front side.

She disappeared for couple of seconds and I enjoyed watching myself in the mirror and exploring different toys which were there. She came back with lipstick and paint my mouth. Now I really felt like whore.

“You are beautiful, I am gonna sell you on the market slut”, she giggled.

She found nice blonde wig and put it on my head.

She put leather cuffs on my hands and legs then. She led me to the construction in her dungeon and fixed my hands to the ceiling. Between my legs she fixed distance bar.

Now I was helpless, staing just there, cannot move and looking at sissyslut in mirror which was…. ME.

I think you deserve nipple clamps. It was painfull but I accommodated in couple on minutes.

“Enjoy yourself” she said playing with my cock. “Now my sissyslut is dressed as it should be and now Mistress is going to dress herself. Wait her for me.”

I experienced couple of minutes watching myself and enjoying it. I moved my hips and doing sexy movements.  All the movements were so exiting as my cock was imprisoned in pantyhose, same time they were painful as the nippleclamps reacted to every millimeter of movement as they were right above the leather corset.
She founded me whining by pain and excitement. She can use ball gag very well and I had to experience it the very next moment.
„Can I fuck you in your ass?“……what would you answer being in my position?? And if I say NO would she listen??

Anyway she fixed me to the bench and secured me with tight leather belts so I could not move a milimetr. Then she ripped apart my pantyhose and started to dig the hole into me. Then she put dildo on and tried how much I can.endure. It was painful as I am not used to be fucked into ass. After this she painted SLUT on me with her lipstick.

Finally she fixed anal plug into my ass securing it with leather belt where there was iron ring for my cock. I loved this as every movement remionded me that I am plugged.

I was not able to stand in the position where I was and she realized it. My legs started to work like sewing machine.

She bound me then in standing position, helpless … put the camera on, played with me and let it go till the time I cum.
Thanks Mistress ….was my last words.

I liked it .. so much then when I coming back I will be there again … if my Mistress wants.

Wrote by Slave V.
Baby Sitting Session
She didn't look so dangerous when I first saw her, walking my way in the hotel lobby. Honestly, she looked cute and sweet. Boy, was I wrong.  

The orders before our meeting was simple. I had asked to be treated as a baby-slave. She took that very literally. 14 hours before, she sent me a email, ordering me to put on a diaper, and wear that diaper until we met.

14 hours is a long time. And like any 28 year old would be expected to do, I tried for as long as I could to hold it. But like I said, 14 hours is a long time. So I wet myself. Not once, not twice, but three times. Me, a grown "man" soaked his diaper so much that it almost leaked.

When the time finally came, she had ordered me to meet her in the lobby. I was to wear a white, almost see-through shorts over the diaper so she could se I had followed orders. When she saw me she started laughing.

hahahaha, baby boy! What are you wearing, she asked loudly.
Everybody can see your diaper this way! Is that so smart? Did you wet yourself too??? Hahahaha what a baby!

We took the elevator up and went in to my room. And then it began...

Down on all fours, she said strictly.
Babies can’t walk, and so you can’t either.

She ordered me to take off her shoes.

My, my, my, my, we certainly are a wet little baby aren't we?
I think someone needs a diaper change, what do you think?
She took off my diaper and held it in front of me.
Smell it, she said.
I hesitated and so the grabbed me and put the diaper on my face.
How does that feel? Do you like the smell, she asked.
I looked down in shame, but she lifted my face up so she could mock and tease me for a little while, until she dragged me in to the shower and cleaned me up.  
My baby is going to get a long hard spanking for wetting his diaper, isn't that lovely, she asked me.
No please mistress, please no spanking, I cried.
She slapped me the face hard and looked at me with a very stern look.
It is a privilege to be spanked by your mistress. And you will always say yes to me or you WISH you had done otherwise, she yelled.
100 strokes, she said and I cried silently before she started.
After the first 5 it really hurt! And I cried out please stop!
Shut up and take it  you little brat! She said and kept spanking me until she felt she was done.
The pain was unbelievable. But it was about to get worse.

She ordered me into the bed, while she went in to the bath room. She was in there for maybe five minutes. When she came out she had on a black latex dominatrix outfit and a strap-on.

I started to cry again. I have never had something up my ass before, but I knew that was about to change. She smiled at me as she put plastic gloves on.

Have you ever been fucked before, she asked.

No, I said.

Well, well, well. A virgin!, she laughed!

She started with one finger. Then two and then three. Then she took out a butt plug and planted it in my ass.
Hold it! She said strict.
Already in a lot of pain from the spanking and the "thing" inside me, I held the butt plug in place while she took out a new diaper.
She put the diaper on and it pressed the butt plug even more in me.
Crawl around on the floor for me baby, she ordered.
Good baby! You are such a good little boy that I am going to give you a reward now, she said.
I have seen you looking at my strap-on ever since I came out from the bath room. And I am going to fuck your baby ass long and hard, what do you think of your reward, she asked?
Thank you mistress, I said quietly.
I can’t hear you, she said.
Thank you mistress for fucking my ass!!!, I said.
Your welcome, she said and rip my diaper off, took out the plug and started fucking so hard I thought I was going to pass out.
I had my eyes closed, and suddenly she stopped. I looked up and before I could do anything she stuffed the butt plug in my mouth.
There, there little baby. Now you have your dummy to comfort you while I finish up your ass, she said and started fucking me again from behind.
I’ll bet you never dreamed of this when you asked me to babysit you, she asked still fucking.

Well, guess what. Now I’m going to make you cum while you are disgusted with yourself. Getting butt-fucked and sucking on the butt plug that was inside you just minutes ago.

She started to jerk me off and against my will my cock turned hard in seconds.
And to make it even more humiliating for you....
She laid down the wet diaper from before on the bed.
Put your face in it, she said.
Again, I hesitated so she pushed me in to the wet diaper.

Then, she jerked me so hard that I exploded in orgasm. My load ended up in my used diaper, and right after I had cum mistress again pushed me in to the diaper.

Eat it, lick your baby load for mamma, she commanded. 

Good boy!

But I think you can do better.

Tomorrow I have a new task for you.
You will get an email and you will do as you’re told if you ever want to see me again, she said and left my room.


The next day I got the task:

"Good morning baby! Ready for a new day of humiliation I hope. I will be at your hotel at 4 pm. Then you will meet me in the lobby wearing the same as you did yesterday. BUT, two hours before I come you are going to be a good baby and mess your diaper. That's right, you’re going to make a poo poo like the fucking baby that you are. If I don't smell poo poo when I see you I will walk away and never come back."

I had no choice. I didn't want to lose her. I have never felt like such a baby before, as I did when I was messing in my diaper. It was humiliation beyond words. And then came the smell...

OMG, my head was pounding like thunder when I entered the elevator and pressed the lobby button. 

It went straight down. Nobody came in. Thank god! And there she was.

Have you been a good boy, she asked?

Oh, I can smell that you have! Very good boy! She laughed and felt my big bulging diaper butt.

Now let’s go up to your room so that you can get your reward!

I hurried and pressed the button and tried to walk in the elevator, but she was holding me back.

No, not yet she said. Wait until more people come, she said strictly.

A young couple entered and she pushed me into the elevator, all the time looking at me and smiling.

Gooooood boy! She said!

Gooood boy, how did that feel taking the elevator in your messy diaper so everybody could smell you?

I didn't answer. I just sank down on my knees begging for a diaper change!
I think you can hold on a little while, she said.

It’s time for your reward! 100 spankings for being such a good baby!

Oh, but now I have a surprise for you!

She led me to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet.

She made me take off the diaper and kneel down on the floor of the bathroom.
The smell was terrible and filled the bathroom.
I begged her many times to be allowed to clean myself up and to throw away the filthy diaper. But she would not let me.

She walked out to the door room, leaving me there.

I’m sorry I made a poo poo, I protested. Again and again. She just laughed and told me to say it louder.

I wish that the people in the corridor could hear you, she said.

Finally she allowed me to clean up. Only when I had made things nicer did she return.

That’s when she started to pee.

She took my dummy and showered it in her own piss. Then she stuck the dummy in my mouth and made me suck.

That’s your reward for being messy.

I protested that it was dirty and asked her to wash it. She laughed, pissed on the dummy again, but this time gave me some water to swallow afterwards.

We returned to the bedroom where she made me kneel on the bed. She forced the butt plug into my ass and then put on the diaper over the top and sealed me in

Suck my toes like a baby. Suck them like your new dummy, she giggled.
I like it. It is ticklish.

It’s going to be a good day for baby, she said as she put on the strap-on, found her whips and put me in my spanking position...

Before that she warmed up my ass with a big dildo.

I think I’d like to look after you every day. Change your diaper, wash you and brush your hair. Hold you in my arms like a baby.
Thank you for showing me how to be a good baby-slave mistress.
You can do better, she replied. When you come back to see me next time, I will meet you outside the hotel, so that we can walk further, right through the lobby, with your smelly diaper.
She laughed to herself loudly. I was left there open mouthed, wondering how I will handle the humiliation of next time.
Wrote by a shy boy slave Er.

Part I

Mistress Lorita certainly seemed like she knew what she was doing.

She poked the sharp needle through the head of the slave's dick -- her dick -- without hesitation. And within seconds she had pulled it right through, quickly following it with the ring itself.

The new one was larger, and considerably more solid than the ring it replaced.

"Thank you, Mistress," the slave uttered, still in shock. She tightened the round heads that prevented the ring from slipping out.

"I expected more blood," said Lorita, as if she had not heard him.

He said nothing more as she loosened the belts, ropes and straps that had fixed him to the gynaecologists's chair.

"Bend over the side of the cage," she said, before hitting him 50 times without break, using the thin whippy cane.

It hurt him, but Lorita's cold attitude hurt more.

"Now, get into the cage," she ordered.

He did as he was told and stepped up over the sides, before lying down among the cold bars that comprised Lorita's too small prison.

Methodically she closed the three hinged doors and snapped huge heavy padlocks through the catches.

"I'll be back," she said without looking round, as she reached for the light switch and left the room.

Alone in near darkness and without the 'session music' he had no ability to determine how fast or slowly time was passing.

The unyielding bars meant that sleep was impossible. But thoughts about anything other than his current situation also could not distract him from his gloom.

He was marked, locked up and away from the mistress he adored. Worse, it was her who was torturing him - physically and mentally.

After an hour or two she returned to the dungeon and released the locks on the cage.

"Still no blood, huh?"

The slave climbed out slowly and miserably dropped to his knees in front of Lorita's feet.

She seemed in a good mood. Maybe something had happened outside. Or maybe his plight entertained her.

"You don't seem very happy," she said, reading his body language. "Well, I have no sympathy. You have to understand, that you are my plaything. I own you. Not the other way round."


Part II

After the deed was done, the slave next had to get used to being pierced.

The physical side-effects went away in a couple of weeks. But the mental adjustment took longer.

The ring was not particularly heavy and did not weigh him down as he had feared.

But, ever present, the ring through his dick was also constantly in his head.

It was always there: whenever he peed, whenever he took a shower, when he got an erection.

He learned to enjoy the tightening feeling at the tip, as his penis swelled within the unyielding ring.

Once he admitted to himself that he enjoyed the sensation he felt free to associate the ring and the pleasure with Mistress Lorita.

It was her secret gift to him.

When he first learned of Lorita's intention to pierce him, the slave had worried about how he would explain to other women about having a pierced dick.

But, the reality was that the slave was not permitted much sexual independence.

In the first year after piercing, Lorita had not allowed him to be intimate with any other women. There was one time she ordered her slave girl Deon to give him oral sex while he was chained in bondage. The pierced dick in the girl's mouth felt so good, but he was still not allowed to cum.

With Deon he did not have to explain anything. She had watched as Lorita pierced the slave the first time.

After the second piercing, which Deon again witnessed, his feelings evolved further.

The new ring was heavier and more obvious to him. He worried that it would set off metal detector alarms at airports, though in fact it did not.

As he got used to the feeling of the new, larger ring, his feelings for Lorita also grew. This was a symbol of her care for him.

No matter that he was not allowed to fuck other women. He was owned and cherished by his Mistress.

She told him that one day, when the hole was bigger, she would replace the piercing ring with a padlock. Surprisingly, he did not worry about the inconvenience of having a locked up dick, he just wanted to be sure that the lock would be hygienic.

As his humiliations slowly turned to pride, he looked forward to possible future scenarios.

Increasingly he wondered if he would be loaned to one of his Mistress's friends, a junior mistress in training, or allowed to pick up a random woman for a one-night stand.

He longed to be displayed by his Mistress in the dungeon, either before or after a whipping. As well as the cuts and bruises from the whip, the visitors would see the heavy steel ring and the tattoos that bore Lorita's name -- written into his body.

If the visitor still did not understand, then he would tell them proudly that he was Lorita's slave. Her property. And totally dedicated to her.
Wrote by Slave Rick

I had an appointment with Mistress Lorita for monday morning. After I arrived in Bangkok on saturday, I called Mistress Lorita to reconfirm the session on monday. It took two calls until Mistress answered and reconfirmed the session for monday 11 am. She gave me the order to buy some lady dress and high heel shoes for me in Pratunam market and wear panty and nylons all the time from now on until our meeting. I did the shopping on saturday afternoon and was very happy to find a nice pink dress and two pairs of shoes in my size. At this moment I had already painted my toe nails pink and was wearing nylons. So after it got dark, i changed my shoes to the lady shoes with just little heals and was walking through the crowd in Banggkok with nylons, panty, painted nails and lady shoes. A good preparation for the session with Mistress. I started to feel pretty feminine. Back at the hotel I only took off my shoes and in the later evening I went to a ladyboy bar in Nana Plaza to have one beer. Looking at the beautiful girls, knowing that Mistress would make me look like one of them the day after tomorrow.

Sunday was spent with shopping and relaxing. At around 8 pm, during dinner, I got a call. "Come to my dungeon immedeately, I will lock you up. First go to 7eleven and buy a lady cologne and put it on. You will find a cheap one for 30 baht. You are a cheap bich, so cheap perfume is ok for you". I was surprised and shocked at the same time. I paid before I had finished dinner and went to the next 7eleven to get the perfume , put it on and jumped in a taxi. It had a very intense and sweet smell and made me feel even more like a sissymaid. Mistress was already waiting, when I arrived. "Put down your trouser, show me your panty and nylons. Ok, this was a test, if you are a good sissymaid. On your knees and put on the chastity device, but as tight, that you cannot remove". Mistress handed me a black case with the chastity device. She stood in front of me, watching me ,"faster or I will punish you". After I was ready, Mistress just had to close the CB 6000 with a lock. "Now you are under my control. See you tomorrow. Don`t forget to put on perfume". She slapped my face twice and within less than five minutes I was sent back to the hotel. On my way home I passed again one of the ladyboy bars, having another Singha. Wearing panty, nylons and chastity device. I enjoyed that feeling to be one step closer to become a sissy slave girl the next day. And to be under control of Mistress Lorita, even before the session has started.

wrote by Sissy maid Lamyai
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I really miss my mistress since I saw her last year. Today I was waittng her 15 minute with a messy diasper at the hotel lobby before she arrived as she oder.
Lorita smiled sweetly. My heart rose. But I should have known better. There is more to her than that.

She pulled out a loop of pink ribbon and slipped it over my neck. At one end of the loop was a pink colored baby’s dummy. She put it into my mouth in the hotel lobby where anyone could see, and walked to the elevators.

We rode like this in silence to the 18th floor. It was terribly embarrassing.

But worse was to come.

When we were in the room she told me to hurry up and change the diaper I had been wearing for many hours.

It was a big mess, full of my pee and shit. The terrible smell only revealed itself when I took it off.

Lorita told me to call room service. I begged her not to do so. But she insisted. I pleaded with her, but she refused to change her mind.

When the woman arrived I used the words that Lorita had told me. “Thank you for collecting my diaper. I made a poo poo.” I’m not sure the woman understood my words, but she understood what she was collecting and looked at me with disgust. I felt so ashamed I wanted to hide.

I said something more to her about obeying my mistress, but she was not listening.

Lorita left soon after, leaving me alone in my fresh diaper till the evening.

We met in a bar, with me dressed in white shorts over my baby’s diaper, which by then was not so fesh. Lorita told me not to take it off until the morning.

After drinks – a cocktail for her, a beer for me – we walked back to the hotel.

In the street, under a lamp, Lorita pulled down my shorts enough to show the white plastic rim of my diaper. I wanted to die with shame when a group of people passed by. I'm sure they could see.

We returned to the hotel like this. And in my corridor, without entering the room, Lorita slid her hand into my diaper panties and made me cum. It didn’t take long.

She told me to spend the night in the diaper complete with my cum, pee and other mess.

I knew that I would not have the power to disobey her.

Nevertheless, she told me that when I next see her, I would have an even more humiliating time.

As she walked away, I thought how beautiful Lorita is. But I know how much stronger and cleverer than me she is Scary.
A shy boy SLave Er.